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Property Vine Ltd

Property Vine Ltd was seeded from a vision of the founders who, after decades of experience in related industries, saw an opportunity to aggregate their property industry experience and the businesses borne out of it, into an integrated operation that provides economies of scale and efficiency and the subsequent prospects for a significant return.

Adam and Mal have been business partners for more than 10 years. Rob and Adam were neighbours for several years from 2010. Rob has engaged, through his development companies, the services of one of Adam and Mal’s businesses for more than 5 years to sell apartments, and in 2014 Adam and Mal purchased a management rights business from one of Rob’s entities.

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Our Vision

Further, early last year, entities associated with the three founding Directors entered into a joint venture to operate a very successful short stay and permanent management rights business in Birtinya and then in December 2018 launched a second joint venture for another short stay complex.

After many years of working together, and informal discussions for at least two years in regards to developing a business such as Property Vine Ltd, combined with the successful launch of two joint ventures in the industry, it was an easy choice for each of the founding Directors to work together to grow Property Vine Ltd.

Over time it is intended that other businesses will continue to be ‘grafted into the vine’ through targeted acquisitions of established and profitable businesses that augment the current businesses or provide for vertical integration.

The vision and methodology behind the brand is centred on growth:


Astute acquisition strategies through measured milestones.

Return on Equity

Focus on achieving >20%pa for our shareholders.

Operational Scale

Ready for the next milestone and proposed ASX listing.


Increasing our collective worth through profit and growth.

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