Rob Gowland

Director and Founder

Rob Gowland

Rob has been actively involved in the management rights and the property development industries for the last 25 years. During the last 15 years he has developed approximately 1,000 apartments on the Sunshine Coast jointly with Ron Grabbe of RGD Group. Rob was heavily involved in the finance, design, sales and subsequent management of the apartments.

Rob had the pleasure of taking on the role of operating the management rights for most of these apartments once the developments were completed. His involvement ensured the systems and procedures were in place ensuring that the property purchasers in these apartments had their expectations met with both return on investment and the complexes’ presentation.

Establishing appropriate systems and staffing in place ensured these businesses became very profitable quickly, with the added benefit being unit owners received the service and returns promised to them when they bought the apartments off the plan.

Prior to active involvement in these industries, Rob was a Partner at Archer Gowland Chartered Accountants where he specialised in property development, management rights and business planning. This experience afforded him a wealth of knowledge to enable him to move into these industries himself.

A Chartered Accountant and a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Rob’s experience and understanding of larger business and ensuring their profitability will assist in growing the Property Vine Ltd business to its full potential.

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