Mal Cayley

Director and Founder
Mal Cayley

Mal Cayley

Mal has been a Director of the Reign Group of companies for over a decade.

Working with his business partner (Adam Thomas) to grow a diversified property centric group through innovation, Mal’s focus has been on the governance of the group while driving the day to day operations of the sales and finance business and its integration with the property management and management rights teams.

Prior to this he worked in the finance, property development and real estate industries forging a reputation for his operational and marketing capacity, depth of research and analysis, creativity and integrity of delivery.

His unique insight in the residential property space has seen him deliver presentations as a sought-after guest speaker across Australia and multiple countries around the world.

Prior to the property sector Mal learned his trademark skill set of risk assessment, information management and analysis, operational entrepreneurialism and leadership during more than 17 years as a member of the Australian Army where he worked his way from an infantry soldier to an Intelligence Corps Captain and then as a consultant to very large public and private companies.

While a member of the Defence Force, he had the privilege of leading troops on operations both in Australia and internationally and has received a number of awards and commendations being recognised for his exemplary service.

After being approached by a multinational company to raise a new business unit for them, Mal left the Regular Army to become a consultant to business on specialist security matters.

Looking for greater challenges and with a passion for property, Mal set a course that has seen him apply his experience to the property industry and to the pioneering of business methodologies and products with Adam, continuously setting their offering apart in the minefield that is the property sector and, most recently, seeding Property Vine Ltd.

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