Adam Thomas

Director and Founder
Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas

Adam was the Founder of Investor Property Pty Ltd in 2004, which later seeded the birth of the Reign Group of Companies.

Adam has been the CEO of the Reign Group since inception and along with his business partner of more than 10 years, Mal Cayley, they have forged a substantial business holding in the property services sector.

Prior to this, Adam commenced his career in the automotive industry where he accepted his first role as a manager in the parts division of a Holden car dealership when he was 21.

Adam took this division of the dealership from substantial losses to being the most profitable division within the group, whilst also studying modules of accounting and law to further advance his business knowledge.

At the age of 26, Adam was promoted to manage the new and used sales team and was offered equity in the business, with an intention of taking over the dealership within a few years. By the time Adam was 30, his interests lay more in the property sector than the automotive sector, however his true enjoyment was from building businesses. In 2003, Adam moved his family to the Sunshine Coast and has enjoyed a career in the property services sector ever since.

In recent years, as the Reign Group has expanded is management rights and property management operations, through the Direct Hotels and Direct Rentals brands, Adam has spent most of his time honing his skills and building an exceptional support team with a focus to grow profitable operations within these disciplines.

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